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Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

§1.1  When the booking is completed and you have received the booking confirmation number it is a binding conclusion of a contract.

After successful booking, the tenant receives a booking confirmation in the form of an e-mail, which serves as your booking document and, if necessary, must be submitted to Skottneset Feriesenter before the start of the rental period.

NOTE:It is important that your email address is correct because your order confirmation will be sent to your registered email address

Should there be any problems with the booking system, please send us an email and we will help you to manually register your order.

Orders done Manually:

We can help you to place your order, though there should be problems on the website, but then we need the following information that you must send by mail. Once the reservation has been made you will receive an email with a booking ID and a payment link. Deposit must be paid within a certain time for the order to be confirmed (confirmation number)

The information we need is as follows:

  • first name
  • Surname
  • e-Mail
  • Telephone
  • Address
  • Zip Code
  • Country
  • Check-inn date
  • Check-out date

§1.2  The  confirmation mail with the confirmation number and information is your approved contract for your stay at skottneset.

§1.3   Until the start of the holiday period, the hirer may require that a third party enter the rights and obligations of the contract instead of his third party. Skottneset Feriesenter may object to the entry of the third party if there are urgent reasons which contradict the holiday stay. If a third party enters into the contract, the latter is liable to the Skottneset Feriesenter for the rental price and all additional costs incurred. In addition, an additional cost of NOK 500, – will apply.

§2. Booking / reservation / Payment

When prossessing the payment for the booking, 20% of the total rental price have to be paid instantly to make the booking valid.

If you dont pay the deposit instantly ,Your reservation will temporary be held for 2 hour until the deposit is paid. Deposit must be paid within 2 hour otherwise your booking will be available for booking and you risk losing your reservation.

The reservation will be confirmed via the booking system on the website when the deposit payment is registered  and you will receive a confirmation e-mail with confirmation number and PIN for your booking information.Note: Your booking prosess is finished when your booking have the status «COMPLETED»

You can use the tab your reservations on the main menu to log in and check you status of your bookings.


NOTE!  **The final payment must be paid within 30 days before arrival**. we accept  mastercard, visa and paypal.

Payment by banktransfere   

If you like to pay by banktransfere you have to do as follows.

  • 1. Transfere the amount to our bank account
  • 2. Print out a receipt of the transaction
  • 3. Send an e-mail with the receipt of your transfere to our accounting dep. e-mail:
  • 4. Your Booking will be confirmed on the website once we have registered the payment .This can take up to  1-3 days depends on the bank rules.


Bank Transfer Information

Swift code: SOFJN022
Iban: NO51 3705 2893 128

Note: Your Booking will be confirmed once we have registered payment .This can take up to 1-3 days.


§3. Cancellation or change:

Your reservation can be changed or canceled up to 45 days before arrival. Paid rental will then be refunded , minus a cancel fee of NOK 500, -.

If booking/reservation was canceled less than 45 days before arrival, the paid rent will not be refunded and any compensation must be addressed to your insurance company.

§4. Non-utilization of services

If the tenant does not make use of services due to reasons not attributable to Skottneset Feriesenter, there is no entitlement to a pro rata refund. This also applies to a possible non-use of rental boats due to bad weather conditions.

§5. Termination and rescission of the contract by Skottneset Feriesenter The following circumstances justify the rescission, before or during the stay, from the contract.

§5.1. Without observance of time limits, if the tenant or accompanying companion despite the warning by the Skottneset Feriesenter with the rental object and the corresponding accessories, etc., handle improperly, or otherwise behave contrary to contract. The additional costs incurred by the tenant are to be borne by the tenant. There is no claim for a refund of the already paid rent.

§5.2. Up to 4 weeks before the start of the rental agreement, if circumstances occur which exclude a rental and the reasons for this were not caused by Skottneset Feriesenter and the offer of a comparable replacement object was not accepted by the tenant. The renter is then refunded the price already paid.

§6. Termination of the contract due to exceptional circumstances

If the observance of the object of the contract is made considerably more difficult or impossible by unforeseeable force majeure (war, natural disasters, oil crises, etc.), both the tenant and the Skottneset Feriesenter can terminate the contract. In the case of a possible cancellation by the tenant, the Skottneset Feriesenter may demand a reasonable compensation for the tenant, if any, already provided.


§7. Additional costs / holiday houses / rental boats

§7.1. The additional costs for electricity and water are included in the rental price. Houses 1 to 4 are equipped with ovens. The required firewood can be purchased at Skottneset Feriesenter. The fuel for the rental boats is not included in the rent and has to be paid by the tenant one day before departure to the Skottneset Feriesenter in NOK.

§8. The use of tents and caravans:

Check in and  Check-out:  Any use of tents and  caravans on Skottneset holiday center property, must be agreed upon in writing days before arrival. Receipt or reservation number from your booking via the booking system on the website is a valid document.

§9. Check-in is at 14:00 hrs.  –   Check-out is at 11:00 hrs.

If you arrive later than 14:00 hrs on the day of arrival, please contact us to arrange the exact time of acquisition of your apartment.

If you ´d arrive at Skottneset holiday center before 14:00 hrs ,  We will do our best to have your apartment/cottage ready as soon as possible. Meanwhile, you can enjoy on the pier, or perhaps go fishing and pick up today`s gourmet meal.

§10. Errors or omissions in your apartment/ cottage:

If you upon arrival found something incorrect or missing in your cottage/cabin , it is important that you contact us  immediately and not later than  24 hours. Skottneset holiday center will rectify this issue as soon as practicable .

Any complains about problems during your stay at Skottneset holiday center must be in writing and be well documented with pictures. Any compensation will not exceed the total hire charge.

§11.Cleaning prossess season 2019

From the season 2019, Skottneset Feriesenter has chosen to enter into an agreement with a cleaning company. This is to ensure good cleaning for our guests. It will not be possible to due selfcleaning or select this choice from the ordering process.

Before departure:

– Utensils must be cleaned and put back to their proper place.

– Refrigerator / freezer must be emptied

– Household waste must be disposed to Skottneset holiday center’s waste container.

Note!**  If you want you can book the final cleaning done via the booking system when ordering.***

We experience that some of our holiday guest leave without cleaning the cabin. When we discover such cases,there will be invoiced a fee of NOK 1000, -to the guest who has rented the cottage



§12. Use of the rental boats.


When renting the boat the guest will receive an instruction how the boat works and nornal be used.

Reckless use witch resulting in the destruction of boats and equipment the tenant is  responsible for those damages that may result and has this compensation liability.

By normal use, if things breaks or stops working on the boat in the rental period  Skottneset  FerieSenter is responsible get this fixed as soon as possible.

Should the boat stop working during the rental period the tenant has the right to be assigned an equivalent boat in the same category without any extra charge

 It is important that you check how much fuel is on the boat before traveling so there is enough fuel for the trip. A guest who is renting  the boat is responsible for fuel and ensuring that there is enough fuel before sailing. –

If you go beyond the area assigned, it is at your own risk And all costs with rescue operations you have to pay yourself



Fuel for use with rental boats are not included in the rent. – Fuel must be paid upon return of the boat. We accept payment by cash or creditcard. –

The tenant of the boat is responsible for checking that there is sufficient fuel in the boat before departure. – Time for delivery / allocation of rental boats are normally during opening hours certain otherwise agreed  

Skottneset Holiday Centre is not responsible if the tenant run out of fuel on the boat trip and in worst case drifting ashore (grounding).A rescue operation caused by the lack of fuel during the boat trip will be charged the tenant  NOK 1000,-  accordingly.


§13. Alcohol and boat driving

Drinking alcohol under boating is forbidden.  At sea you can have a maximum of 0.8 promille to drive a boat acc to the rules,
but you can be penalized even if the promo is below 0.8 if you cause an accident on the sea.

§14. Safety at sea

In the boathouse at the harbor there is lifejackets for everyone. To ensure the safety everyone who is at sea in a boat have to use lifejacket. 

Life jackets are delivered to the person when the boat is handed over.Vi prioritize the safety of all persons using our rental boats .

Important! People who do not use a lifejacket is self responsible in the event of an incident ,persons fell overboard.  




We wish you a pleasant stay at Skottneset holiday center