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The kannestein stone is a special stone shaped by the sea located in the village of Oppedal on the west side of Vågsøy.

The kannestein stone has been shaped by the sea  for thousands of years.

Approx 30min  by car from skottneset



Vestkapp or Kjerringa is a mountain on the northwesternmost part of the peninsula Stad in Stad municipality in Nordfjord in Vestland. Kjerringa towers 497 meters above the Stadhavet and is considered the westernmost mountain plateau in Norway.

Approx 58 min by car from skottneset


Selje monastery

 Selje monastery is the ruins of a Benedictine monastery on the island of Selja in Stad municipality in Western Norway. The monastery is located just south of Stadlandet, on the west side of the island, right out towards Sildagapet and Stadhavet. The island of Selja is 15 minutes by boat from  main land.

Approx 21 min by car from skottneset + boat

Surfing in Hoddevik

When you drive down the «hairpin bends» you have a fantastic view. Hoddevik is a lovely place for surfers from all over the world.

Approx 58min  by car from skottneset

Mountain trip

Mosekleivhornet is a peak at 540 meters above sea level in Stad municipality in Vestland.

Route map by ut.no

Sea rafting

Are you ready for a wonderful experience in magnificent nature?

RIB Nordfjord  is an event company in Vestland. We specialize in RIB tours,

Visiting adress: Seljevågen  SELJE

Approx 29 min by car from skottneset