Velg en side

Use of rental boats.


When renting the boat the guest will receive an instruction how the boat works and nornal be used.

reckless use witch  resulting in the destruction of boats and equipment the tenant is  responsible for those damages that may result and has this compensation liability.

By normal normal use if things breaks or stops working on the boat in the rental period  Skottneset  FerieSenter is responsible get this fixed as soon as possible.

Should the boat stop working during the rental period the tenant has the right to be assigned an equivalent boat in the same category without any extra charge

Alcohol and boat driving

Drinking alcohol under boating is forbidden.  At sea you can have a maximum of 0.8 promille to drive a boat acc to the rules,
but you can be penalized even if the promo is below 0.8 if you cause an accident on the sea.

Navigation charts

Safety at sea


In the boathouse at the harbor there is lifejackets for everyone. To ensure the safety everyone who is at sea in a boat have to use lifejacket.

Life jackets are delivered to the person when the boat is handed over.
Vi prioritize the safety of all persons using our rental boats .

Important! People who do not use a lifejacket is responsible in the event of an incident ,persons fell overboard.  

Fuel / Diesel station

diesel pump

It is important that you check how much fuel is on the boat before traveling so that man has enough fuel for the trip. A tenant who will rent the boat is responsible for ensuring that there is enough fuel before traveling. –

Fuel for use with rental boats are not included in the rent. – Fuel must be paid upon return of the boat. We accept payment by cash. – The tenant of the boat is responsible for checking that there is sufficient fuel in the boat before departure. – Time for delivery / allocation of rental boats are normally during opening hours certain otherwise agreed  Skottneset Holiday Centre is not responsible if you run out of fuel on the trip and drifting ashore (grounding).


Help & Rescue

baat skjer

In the event of an incident at sea, call emergency telephone (Maintenance dept.) As soon as possible.

It will then be sent a boat immediately to assist you.


Information we need is:

  • Position of the boat
  • What have happened 
  • Is there any personal Injury etc.