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  • If you have symptoms of a respiratory infection, do not visit  skottneset holiday center. This also applies to mild symptoms.
  • Booking in advance is the only option you have. You have to book you stay, dropin is not allowed.

  • The cabins are cleaned regularly. At cabins where it is not possible to carry out a sufficient cleaning routine of the facilities, there must be three days between each visit.

  • Guests must have a 1 meter distance between them at all times. This does not apply to people who live together on a daily basis. This applies as long as this is advised by the authorities.

  • Guests must bring their own bed linen or you can buy new linen at skottneset. Checklists at the cabins must be followed.

  • As a guest, you are responsible for following the instructions of the cabin, and ensure proper cleaning and hygiene while staying there.