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1.5 t drive so you come to LOEN and can go up skåla 1845m above sea level.




In LOEN are a newly built climbing trail up to 1,010 meters above sea level

If you like to take a  Swimm you can go to  Selje sanden.



West kapp (Stadlandet) - Les mer 

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Western Cape or "Kjerringa" is a mountain in the north western part of the peninsula Stad in Selje municipality in Nordfjord in Sogn og Fjordane county. The Mountain rises 497 meters above Stad Sea as the westernmost mountain plateau in Norge.The name  "West Cape" of viewpoint of "Kjerringa" was created by the tourism industry in the 1980s.

The area is known for changing weather conditions, from calm sea ,storm and hurricane. In a short period of time can blurring over crone and Western Cape. The water way around Stad and West Cape is notorious for its currents and rapidly changing weather. Many ships have ended their voyage in these waters, believed to be one of the roughest areas in Norway. [1]

Kråkenes fyr  les mer

Kråkenes lighthouse was established in 1906, is entirely towards the open Stadt Sea, the furthest west of the island Vågsøy in Vågsøy Municipality, Sogn og Fjordane. The lighthouse has its own weather station that sends its data tilMeteorologisk Institute. Kråkenes lighthouse was destroyed / bombed during WWII. New guy was finished built in 1950. The lighthouse was automated in 1986 and depopulated in 1991.I 1997 opened a cafe in the lighthouse, and it is also possible to rent "bridal suite" here. Kråkenes lighthouse is one of the main tourist destinations in Vågsøy.


Ulvesund fyr og kaffe   -  Les mer
Ulvesund lighthouse  is a lighthouse built in 1870. It is located in the heart by Osmundsvåg, outermost Wolf Sundet, in Vågsøy municipality in Nordfjord. Nearest town is Maloy. The lighthouse was automated in 1985. In 2003 the lighthouse was enabled as cafe and accommodation.

Kannesteinen  (oppedal i Vågsøy -  Read more

Kannesteinen is a special stem-shaped rock located on the shoreline of the village Oppedal on the west side of Vågsøy in Sogn og Fjordane.Koordinater: 61 ° 58'12,47 "N 05 ° 04'04,12" E (map)

Kannesteinen has been shaped by the sea and waves over thousands of years. The process is often referred to as Marin arbasjon. The stone is about 3 meters high. Kannesteinen is an area that attracts many tourists, especially in summer. The stone is shaped by waves, ice and rocks, and ground water movements. For this reason, not stone equally spectacular viewed from the side (see picture).

It is in recent years adapted for better access for onlookers, one gravel path leads to a wooden deck that provides good angle to the phenomenon (see picture). The path and terrace wheelchair friendly design.

St. Sunniva klosteret i  Selje -  Read more

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Selje monastery are the ruins of a Benedictine monastery on the island of Selja to Selje Municipality in Sogn og Fjordane county. The monastery is located just south of Stadlandet, on the west side of the island, directly facing Silda gap and City Sea. The island Selja is 15 minutes by boat from the mainland Selje. The island is 1.56 km² and consists of heath, bog and some forest. Highest point Varden, 201 m.


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SILDA is an island located between Vågsøy and Selje in Sogn og Fjordane. In the past there were 150 inhabitants in the fish community Silda, now there are only twelve (2009).

On the south side of Silda is restaurant Skjærbuda. The local ferry "Øyglimt" runs daily between Maloy and SILDA.


Refvik Sanden

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Refvik Sanden is in Refvik in Vågsøy municipality. It is a natural white sand beach formed by shell fragments and is about 1.5 kilometers long. Colloquially called the only Revikja.

Refvik sand is a favorite getaway spot for locals, as well as a popular tourist destination for both Norwegian and foreign tourists alike. Since beach is shallow, it is also well suited for smaller children. Adjacent to the beach there is also a small camping. Former municipal operated, but in 2008 took residents Refvik over the daily operations of the facility.

 Skongenes fyr

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Skongenes Lighthouse located in Vågsøy, Sogn og Fjordane. The lighthouse was established in 1870, and has enough significance to boat traffic on the harsh Stadt Sea. The lighthouse was manned until 1985, when the lighthouse was automated and depopulated. The state owns the buildings and the lighthouse consists of four buildings that surround an inner courtyard. The lighthouse is located in scenic surroundings and is a sought after hiking destinations.


Hoddevik and opportunity for surfing
Hoddevik (pronunciation: Haudevikja) is a village on the Outer Stadlandet in Selje municipality. The main industries in Hoddevik are agriculture and tourism. The beach Hoddviksanden is 1 km long, and much useful starting points for browsing.


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