The holiday center Located beside the sea with wonderful scenery in peaceful surroundings. There are very good conditions for those who want to catch fish. A little trip on the bay with one of our rental boats will take you to very good fishing spots and guaranteed great catch. We also have a good place at the marina for preparing fish and cold storage to store fish that our guests can use.

Skottneset  Holiday Centre is open in the season and the season lasts from March 25 to 10 October.


Bussiness Name:             SKOTTNESET FERIESENTER AS

Organization number:        915 319 467

Bussiness address:           Skottneset  6717 FLATRAKET

GPS    coordinates:          Skottneset  (Barmsund )  N 61° 98'13 , E  5° 17'01 

Bussiness opening Hours: 10:00 to 4:00 p.m.

Grocery store near Skottneset Holiday center :

Joker Flatraket  aprox 10 km.

Rema1000 , KIWI , SPAR  , Bunnpris, aprox 27 km, Måløy

Bunnpris,   Selje 23 km

Coop Prix Selje


Resturants nearby Skottneset Holiday Center:  

Natas Taimat  , Måløy 27 km

Kraftstasjonen Restaurant & kolonial  ,Måløy 27 km

Nearest Gas Station ,Selje 23 km    

Orders and  payment request

CEO: Sindre Rundereim Tel: 57 85 82 76


Operation and maintenance department

Operations Manager:    

Håkon Alfred Rundereim. mob: 97 18:46 32


Maintenance Manager:

Tommy André Rundereim. Mob: 91 73 65 85